Test Size Kit

*Includes $50 credit towards the purchase of any Spexton ring

How it works: 

Step 1: Visit a jeweler and get an initial idea of your ring size

Step 2: Order your 3 test sizes/widths.  We recommend of course choosing the size your jeweler recommended, and 1/2 size larger, and 1/2 size smaller so that you have a full size range to test. 

Step 3: Wear the rings for several days in a row to determine which size fits you the best most of the time. 

Step 4: Now that you know your size, come back to Spexton.com and order any ring. Upon checkout, put your email address that is associated with your test size order into the coupon code field and you'll get $50 back towards your ring purchase.  

Why you should do it: 

The hardest part of choosing the ring is the size! When visiting a jeweler you're only getting a "snapshot" of your finger size at that moment in time. 

But as we know, our fingers can fluctuate dramatically during the course of the day depending on a variety of factors: food, alcohol, weather, mood, medications, climate--the list goes on!  

Our Test Size Kit allows you to determine the absolute best size and width for your finger before purchasing your special ring.  Be sure to read the reviews below to see how other Spexton customers have loved the kit!

SHIPPING: Ships for FREE via USPS Mail within 2-3 business days of purchase, usually taking about 5-7 days to arrive to US addresses.  International addresses require more transit time.  

RETURN POLICY: The test size kit is a non-refundable purchase of $50 that can be applied to the purchase of any Spexton ring.  

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