Ring Test Size Kit


Qualify for a free size exchange and find the perfect size and width by ordering our custom 3 ring size test kit. 

Step 1: Visit a jeweler and get an initial idea of your ring size, or call us at 844-773-9866 for assistance determining your initial size. 

Step 2: Order your 3 test sizes/widths. We recommend of course choosing the size your jeweler recommended, and 1/2 size larger, and 1/2 size smaller so that you have a full size range to test. We make full, half, and quarter sizes from 5 to 15. For the width, most of the rings on our site are shown in 8mm wide, and we offer 6, 7, or 8mm widths.

Step 3: Once your test kit arrives, wear the rings for several days in a row all day just like you will your real ring. This will ensure you determine which size fits you the best most of the time. 

Step 4: Now that you know your size, come back to Spexton.com and place your order!

Why you should do it, like seriously: 

If you order and wear the test kit, and then order your ring but it doesn't fit you correctly, you can exchange your ring within 30 days of ownership for FREE. Note: You must order your ring in one of the exact sizes that you tested to qualify for a free size exchange. If none of your 3 test rings fit properly, please call us at 844-773-9866 and we will help you with the next steps before you place your ring order.

If you DON'T order the test kit and you need to exchange your ring for another size we charge between 35% and 50% of the original ring price to make you a new one. Ordering the kit will most likely save you $$$ because over 75% of customers who order the kit end up choosing a different size than their jeweler initially told them they needed. It is just that effective. 

When visiting a jeweler you're only getting a "snapshot" of your finger size at that moment in time. But as we know, our fingers can fluctuate dramatically during the course of the day depending on a variety of factors: food, alcohol, weather, mood, medications, climate--the list goes on!  

Our Test Size Kit allows you to determine the absolute best size and width for your finger before purchasing your special ring.

PRODUCTION & SHIPPING TIME: Each kit is made to order and will leave our studio 5-7 days after your order is placed. This kit then ships for FREE via USPS First Class Mail and takes 3-5 days to arrive once it leaves the studio. You should have your custom made kit within about 8-12 days of your purchase. 


Enter a size and a width for each of your 3 testers above.

For the Ring Size we offer Full, Half, and Quarter Sizes from 5-15.

For the Ring Width we offer 6, 7, or 8mm wide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 165 reviews
Rebecca Brigham
What a smooth experience!

I got my wedding ring from spexton ten years ago. It has held up perfectly (looks new!) but my ring size has changed and it was feeling too tight. I emailed spexton to inquire about buying a new ring since I figured ten years with one ring was pretty good. Instead, they offered to resize it for me, sending a set of three sample rings in various sizes for me to try on. My newly resized original wedding ring just arrived and it fits perfectly, still looks new, and is so much more comfortable. The process was so smooth and the sample rings gave me full confidence that the resize would fit, which it does.
How often does a retailer decline to take more money from a customer when offered, and instead offer a less expensive service of such high quality? It really speaks to the integrity of spexton that they would offer to resize my ring when I was fully prepared to buy a whole new one. They are amazing and I am so grateful that we found them a decade ago.

Bernard Kaminetsky
Exemplary customer service

Customer service is extraordinary. It’s truly a pleasure to shop at Spexton.

MaryClaire Gipe

What a help for finding the right ring size!

Sophia Jackson
Customized test rings

When I asked for a modification to a ring, not only was the answer yes, it was insisted that my fiancé try on tester rings first to ensure that the modification would work well for his finger. In other words, there was extra care put into my inquiry to ensure that the ring I ordered fit exactly as envisioned (even though I was prepared to pay for the ring itself before trying the testers). This is a business that really cares. Customer service here is truly impressive.

Brandon Fieck
Ring sizers

I loved how you can pick multiple sizes and widths for the test kit. Doing it that way you can really find the right ring in the right size that works best for your hand.