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The best!

This is the best ring! My husband loves it and he hasn’t found anything else he even likes.
He has lost it, twice, but Spexton has been amazing in making it for him again. Their quality and customer service assure I will continue to be a repeat customer!

Anniversary gift

I purchased this ring as an anniversary gift to replace my husbands original Spexton band we bought 15 years ago. The ring is beautiful! Nate was so easy to work with and he went above and beyond to make sure the ring was perfect!


My husband loves it.


This company went above and beyond for us and we just love the outcome. Thank you so much!!!

Above & Beyond Customer Service

Nate went above and beyond helping me create the perfect ring for my (soon) to be husband. His responses are prompt and written in detail . Also the ring is amazing! The details and just the craft of it, you can tell it was made with love.

Thanks so much again Nate!

Ring Test Size Kit
Charles rinker
must have before ordering

I went to a jewelry store and got my ring size it was 7.5 but slightly loose. spexton ring size kit 7.5 was a little better fitting. if I didn't get this kit i would have assumed a 7.25 is perfect when it would have been too tight.

Ring Test Size Kit
Kevin Greaves
Run size kit

Rin size kit is an awesome idea. From someone who doesn't wear jewelery it was great to be able to get a feel for what size I need. Will be ordering my ring in the near future!

Ring Test Size Kit
David Mercadel
great concept

The kit is useful for getting a better idea of the look, fit and feel in everyday use.Trying it out during hobbies and working out was extremely helpful. I definitely recommend it especially for wide bands exceeding 9 mm.

Super Helpful

Many guys haven't worn any jewelry until their wedding ring (including me). This kit was super helpful in determining that my ring size was a fair bit smaller than I'd first thought - primarily because I didn't know how a ring was supposed to fit.


I received my ring in perfect condition. The ring is light but has a command presence. It is made from full titanium with a diamond in the middle. It is very thick, and many people have commented on the design. Simple yet makes a bold statement—definitely a talking piece in any conversation. I love my ring. Thank you!!

Ring Test Size Kit
Nafeesah Symonette
Ring Test Size Kit

This is such a valuable tool in accurately sizing your ring purchase. Do yourself a favor and request this first!

Another Ring Set

My husband and I have been buying rings from Spexton since 2013. They still come out beautifully!

Great Ring — Great Process — Very Fast

Purchased the ring with expedited production on Monday, received the ring on Thursday. Nate was great and easy to work with. The ring looks and feels great. Did the fit kit and was completely worth it.

Customer Service EXCELLENCY!

Not only do we ADORE the quality and craftmanship of the wedding band...but the customer service far exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend this company!

Replacing the ring our cat lost :)

We were very happy to receive a fast response from Spexton and receive a replacement wedding ring just as beautiful as the first, at a good price, which went a long way to remove the grief from losing the original ring. In fact it was a pleasure to be able to work with the same designer 2 years later and have the same experience.

Ring Test Size Kit
Taylor Maggert

I received all three different sizes and good thing I did. The one I chose was my wild card that I didn't expect to choose.

Great fit and feel

Great ring!

Classic Inconel Wedding Band

Ring Test Size Kit
Keith Campion
Great idea. So glad I did it

I debated whether or not to get the test set. I’m so glad I did. I ended up getting a smaller size than I expected and the fit on my final ring is perfect.

Ring Test Size Kit
Ismael Padilla
Ring test kit

Great quality and size match. I highly recommend it !!


Firstly and most importantly, a beautiful piece which I am proud and excited to wear. The design is stylish and the craftsmanship is impeccable -- & I very much appreciated the video update. Secondly, I was so grateful to Nate for going way above and beyond in patiently resolving a delivery issue. This was friendly and efficient customer service at its best. Thank you so much, it's been an absolute pleasure working with you.

Amazing work

The Stainless Steel wedding band is perfect. Spexton Custom Jewelry kept in contact with me during the COVID crisis and ensured I would have it in time. They are helpful and communicative. Thank you!!!!

Awesome Product

I went searching for my wedding ring for quite a bit of time. The customer service is outstanding, and the personal quality assurance video took it to another level. The workmanship is solid, and is super comfortable. The sizing rings were extremely helpful in dialing in the right size, and you guys were awesome in accommodating! Thank you!

Over the Moon Impressed

I’m over the moon impressed with this company and my fiancé’s wedding ring. The quality of the ring is absolutely amazing and smooth. My fiancé, a man who was not so keen on wearing a wedding ring (he was convinced he’d just do he silicone band or go without), loved it, and he can’t wait until he gets to wear it. In fact, I let him try it on, and he barely let me have it back, haha. The customer service was amazing too. I screwed up my order and you guys eased my panicked brain and helped me fix it right away. My order got lost somewhere in the package pick up process, and you guys made one and had it shipped the very next day. If anyone is on the fence, don’t be. Seriously. This was worth every penny.

Test Size Kit

What a great idea to offer these test size kits! I was measured by a local jeweler about 6 months ago as a size 11 (sized by a thin plastic ring). Since then I've lost a little bit of weight but decided to order the test kit in 10.5, 11, & 11.5. Only the 10.5 fit without falling off (still a little loose). I explained this to Spexton and they immediately sent a 10 and 10.25 to ensure I found the best fit. These guys are awesome and this kit is a great idea! I'll be ordering my wedding band from them soon!