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Ring Test Size Kit
Rebecca Brigham
What a smooth experience!

I got my wedding ring from spexton ten years ago. It has held up perfectly (looks new!) but my ring size has changed and it was feeling too tight. I emailed spexton to inquire about buying a new ring since I figured ten years with one ring was pretty good. Instead, they offered to resize it for me, sending a set of three sample rings in various sizes for me to try on. My newly resized original wedding ring just arrived and it fits perfectly, still looks new, and is so much more comfortable. The process was so smooth and the sample rings gave me full confidence that the resize would fit, which it does.
How often does a retailer decline to take more money from a customer when offered, and instead offer a less expensive service of such high quality? It really speaks to the integrity of spexton that they would offer to resize my ring when I was fully prepared to buy a whole new one. They are amazing and I am so grateful that we found them a decade ago.

Ring Test Size Kit
Bernard Kaminetsky
Exemplary customer service

Customer service is extraordinary. It’s truly a pleasure to shop at Spexton.

Beautiful Ring

I received my classic Koenig Black Z two weeks ago. It’s great. Have already had compliments on it. The fit is perfect, thanks to the sample size rings.
I had to replace my original tungsten wedding ring due to damage (from a different seller) and this new ring is better than I anticipated. And most of all, my wife loves it too.
Thank you!

Ring Test Size Kit
MaryClaire Gipe

What a help for finding the right ring size!

Very Good Purchase

I was very pleasantly surprised by the packaging and the quality of the ring!

Perfect ring and above and beyond customer service

My fiancé fell in love with this ring nearly a year ago. I ordered a sizing kit right away at that time. Since then, he compared it with many other rings and realized that what he wanted most was this Spexton ring with a wider width. I inquired if this would even be possible, and got an immediate response with not only a “yes” (at which point Spexton *could* have just taken my money and made the ring), but also strong encouragement to try another sizing kit before I spending any money to make sure that the wider width ring would fit well and be comfortable! When I officially ordered the ring after my fiancé tried out the tester for a week, I was uncertain about if I’d completed the order form correctly, and again Spexton went above and beyond, sending me a picture of the printed out accurate order on their end. There was thorough follow-up to ensure that the ring was made correctly prior to shipping, and it arrived even faster than quoted. I will forever recommend Spexton to my loved ones. They made the entire experience comfortable and reassuring, with consistent and reliable follow-through. We are so pleased!

Grandmother’s ring

I brought my Grandmother’s ring in to be resized and looked over. When they first took it, the ring was noticeably scratched up, some stones had mounts in questionable shape and the ring had been resized in the past. However, I left the ring in great hands. It came back in wonderful shape, looking just as I remembered on my Grandma’s fingers. Thank you so much!

Ring Test Size Kit
Sophia Jackson
Customized test rings

When I asked for a modification to a ring, not only was the answer yes, it was insisted that my fiancé try on tester rings first to ensure that the modification would work well for his finger. In other words, there was extra care put into my inquiry to ensure that the ring I ordered fit exactly as envisioned (even though I was prepared to pay for the ring itself before trying the testers). This is a business that really cares. Customer service here is truly impressive.

Mens ring

Received my husbands ring in the mail and it gave me chill how beautiful the ring is . It was Perfect and everything we wanted. Thank you for the fast shipment and quality work

Classic Koenig Titanium Ring
Zane Totty-Clarke
Would definitely recommend

The rings look sharp and fit well!


The ring came out just how we wanted and customer service is AMAZING

Ring Test Size Kit
Brandon Fieck
Ring sizers

I loved how you can pick multiple sizes and widths for the test kit. Doing it that way you can really find the right ring in the right size that works best for your hand.

Highly Recommend

This test kit is super helpful for us to make an informed decision on what ring size to get! The personalized card was really nice as well.

Outstanding quality - as always

Incredible work and wonderful service. I'm a 4-time customer for a reason.

Ring Test Size Kit
Elizabeth Bond
Amazing precision

My husband wound up choosing the numbered size he "always thought" was his size, but what a relief to know down to the QUARTER SIZE, that it was in fact the right size.

The best!

This is the best ring! My husband loves it and he hasn’t found anything else he even likes.
He has lost it, twice, but Spexton has been amazing in making it for him again. Their quality and customer service assure I will continue to be a repeat customer!

Anniversary gift

I purchased this ring as an anniversary gift to replace my husbands original Spexton band we bought 15 years ago. The ring is beautiful! Nate was so easy to work with and he went above and beyond to make sure the ring was perfect!


My husband loves it.


This company went above and beyond for us and we just love the outcome. Thank you so much!!!

Above & Beyond Customer Service

Nate went above and beyond helping me create the perfect ring for my (soon) to be husband. His responses are prompt and written in detail . Also the ring is amazing! The details and just the craft of it, you can tell it was made with love.

Thanks so much again Nate!

Ring Test Size Kit
Charles rinker
must have before ordering

I went to a jewelry store and got my ring size it was 7.5 but slightly loose. spexton ring size kit 7.5 was a little better fitting. if I didn't get this kit i would have assumed a 7.25 is perfect when it would have been too tight.

Ring Test Size Kit
Kevin Greaves
Run size kit

Rin size kit is an awesome idea. From someone who doesn't wear jewelery it was great to be able to get a feel for what size I need. Will be ordering my ring in the near future!

Ring Test Size Kit
David Mercadel
great concept

The kit is useful for getting a better idea of the look, fit and feel in everyday use.Trying it out during hobbies and working out was extremely helpful. I definitely recommend it especially for wide bands exceeding 9 mm.

Super Helpful

Many guys haven't worn any jewelry until their wedding ring (including me). This kit was super helpful in determining that my ring size was a fair bit smaller than I'd first thought - primarily because I didn't know how a ring was supposed to fit.


I received my ring in perfect condition. The ring is light but has a command presence. It is made from full titanium with a diamond in the middle. It is very thick, and many people have commented on the design. Simple yet makes a bold statement—definitely a talking piece in any conversation. I love my ring. Thank you!!