Here at Spexton Fine Jewelry, we are asked by many couples what is the "right" way to choose wedding bands and engagements rings.

Should each of the rings complement one another? 

Or can the rings be completely different from one another?

The answer is, there is no "right" or "wrong" way to choose your wedding bands and engagement rings.

Just go with what you find appealing.

Today, there are no rules in how to wear your jewelry. It is all about self-expression and doing what you like.

Here we see one of Spexton's custom titanium mens rings with two channels slice, to give the ring a modern edge. She is wearing a traditional solitaire ring with a stunning 1 carat oval diamond from Spexton. 

The titanium ring could be considered more contemporary, while the 14K white gold oval solitaire ring is very timeless and classic. Mixing the two styles says that you as a couple are timeless, with a hint of modern.



 In this example, both his and her rings are timeless and classic.

He is wearing the Spexton titanium domed ring. The shape and look of this ring is the classic, traditional mens wedding band.

She is wearing a gorgeous, custom 14K white gold engagement ring and matching wedding band from Spexton. 


In this example, both rings are titanium! Yes, even for her engagement ring, she can wear a titanium ring. This ring is titanium with an inlay of 14K yellow gold with a diamond in 14K yellow gold bezel. 


Here, there is a hint of 14K yellow gold that ties-in with her 14K yellow gold diamond solitaire ring. His custom Spexton ring is titanium with inlays of silver and 14K yellow gold. Her Spexton solitaire ring features a stunning 1 carat oval diamond.

Our certified diamond experts can help you choose the perfect diamond, of any shape, carat weight, color and clarity. 

In this example, she has a three-stone diamond ring set in 14K white gold. His wedding band is the flat profile Spexton titanium ring. 

Here is another example showing both rings being made of titanium. His is the flat profile Spexton titanium ring. Her ring is a custom ring made by Spexton. The main body of the band is titanium with another band of 14K yellow gold soldered next to it. Yellow gold diamonds are set in the yellow gold band. It is a beautiful, custom, and one-of-a-kind piece.


Both she and he are wearing timeless, classic rings in this example. His ring is a domed Spexton titanium ring. Her engagement ring is a custom Spexton 14K white gold ring with diamonds in the halo and on the shank. It is paired with a custom 14K white gold eternity band that was designed specifically to complement her engagement ring.

Visit our store to get started on your custom engagement rings and wedding bands. We are happy to help you!


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