The Making of a Spexton Ring!

Our friend and client Terry photographed the making of the custom diamond engagement ring he bought for his future wife Kimberly. Enjoy the photos and captions below!

The first step is to pick the center diamond! Terry chose this stunning Asscher cut diamond. We sell diamonds of all shapes and sizes. The process of choosing a diamond is fun and easy. We will sign into the diamond trading network with you to see all of the diamonds that are currently on the market. Once we find a great candidate, we will bring that diamond in for you to see in person. 

We charge just 10% over our cost for natural diamonds 1 carat and larger. Yes, we show you the invoice of what we pay for the diamond and just charge 10% on top of that. 

We recommend diamonds that are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), who created the gold standard in diamond grading. When a diamond is certified by the GIA, you can trust that the diamond has been properly and accurately graded by the leading experts in the field.

Next, the center diamond was paired with two trapezoid side stones. We are very careful in matching all of the diamonds, in terms of color, carat and clarity. These three diamonds are a perfect match. 

Our diamond experts are graduates of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). 


The next step is that we design the ring setting digitally on the computer. We will show you the digital renders of the ring design. You may request changes along the way. Once approved, we will cast the ring.

The ring was cast in 14K white gold. We can also make rings in yellow gold, rose gold, platinum and palladium.

We are preparing to set the diamonds in this custom 14K white gold ring mounting.

Look at this dazzler! This diamond is incredible.

Our Master Jeweler Mike prepares to set the diamonds!


Our Master Jeweler Mike sets the trapezoid side stones, as the Asscher cut center diamond awaits! 

All the diamonds have been set. Next, the ring will be polished. Rhodium will be applied, to give the 14K white gold it's bright white look. Every few years, the rhodium will need to be re-applied on any white gold ring. 


Here is the finished ring, in a custom box made by a local Tulsa artist.


What a wonderful moment!

The Happy Couple!

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