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This engagement ring features 1.29 carats of diamonds, set in 14K white gold.

Diamond stud earrings set in 14K white gold start at $399.

Diamonds all around make this 18K brushed and hammered gold band sparkle.

Something for every wrist. This classic tennis line bracelet weighs in a 6 carats of laboratory grown diamonds.

 Everything about this ring is custom made, including the bling accents.

A popular gift choice is this 14K yellow gold diamond necklace.

Here is where the Spexton brand began, with men's rings. This one is titanium with an offset inlay of copper.

 TulsaPeople Magazine

January 29, 2021

Article by Michelle Pollard

Have you heard the one about a student, a trucker and a diamond dealer walking into the jewelry business?

No joke. That’s how these three partners joined forces. In 2002, trucker Greg Shelton and student Nate McPherson ran a men’s underwear store that was next to a machine shop. Shelton began turning his neighbor’s metal scraps into men’s rings.

That same year, they found a market online, selling dozens of titanium and steel bands daily, and Spexton was born. By 2009, INSTORE, a trade publication, named Spexton one of the Top 10 Coolest Jewelry Stores in North America. 

Andy Marcum, who was selling diamond stud earrings online, saw the article and marched into the store, magazine in hand. And the two partners became three. 

The ring makers knew nothing about diamonds. The diamond dealer knew everything, having been in business since 1977. Contemporary jewelry met and merged with fine jewelry. 

“I think we all realized quickly that we trusted each other,” Marcum says. “Maybe not that day, but soon after.”

Today, an average custom piece in the Cherry Street store might have a price tag of $1,500 to $3,000; others range from $50,000 to $75,000, though the store also has items well under $1,000. Spexton’s bench jeweler — Mike Cox, who the partners credit with the company’s unmatched workmanship — once worked on a million-dollar ring.

Big changes have turned the diamond business upside down. Lab-grown diamonds, for instance. Not synthetic, these have the same molecular quality as mined diamonds, yet cost less and are kinder to the environment. 

Also, the internet has taken away the huge markups and the need for large inventories. “Gen X, Y and Z don’t want anything that’s in the store. They want something customized,” Shelton explains. And Spexton can deliver. 

Most jewelry stores depend on December sales to make their year, but because Spexton focuses on bridal, their business is solid year-round.

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