Diamond Stud Earrings from Spexton Fine Jewelry

At Spexton Fine Jewelry, we sell diamond stud earrings of all carat weights, in your choice of 14K white gold, 14K yellow gold or platinum settings. 

Visit our store to get started! We have several examples you can try on at our jewelry store, which is located at 1609 E 15th Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Cut: The Secret of a Brighter Diamond

While color and clarity are big factors in the cost of a diamond, it is the cut that breathes life, beauty and dazzling brilliance into a diamond.

The majority of diamonds sold at your typical retailer fall into the "poor", "fair" or "good" cut grades, which are below the acceptable standards for a diamond of exceptional beauty and brilliance. About 75% fall into this category.

Nearly all of the diamonds sold at Spexton Fine Jewelry are rated "very good", "excellent", or "ideal" cut and display a dazzling shower of light back to the viewer's eye. These are the top 25% of all diamond cuts.

If cut is so important, why aren't all diamonds cut to a superior standard?

Both the cutter and the seller usually have a strong financial incentive to offer diamonds with inferior cut. When a rough diamond is cut to superior standards, about 50% of the stone's original weight can be wasted in the process. By cutting a diamond that is too deep or too wide, the same piece of rough yields a diamond of greater carat weight. Unfortunately, these diamonds are dull, milky, or dark in appearance.  It's not illegal or unethical -- it is done in response to the retailer's demands for both higher profit margins and lower retail prices. The consumer, however, ends up with a diamond that is not nearly as beautiful and brilliant as it could be.

How can I assure myself that I am getting the best diamond cut?

The best way to assure yourself of diamond quality is to buy a diamond from Spexton Fine Jewelry that is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the world's most highly respected source on diamond grading, or another reputable diamond grading house.

Imagine a diamond as a tiny house of mirrors. If the mirrors (or facets) are lined up correctly, there is less light leakage through the sides of the diamond, and more brilliance is released through the top of the diamond to the eye of the viewer.

The mathematical formula for a round diamond works like this: for a cut with exceptional brilliance (rated "very good" or better), the depth of the diamond will measure between 57% to 65% of the total diameter. In other words, a 1 carat diamond that is 6.5mm wide and 3.9mm deep will display an exceptional return of light to the viewer's eye.

All of the diamonds sold at Spexton Fine Jewelry are hand-picked by our GIA certified diamond experts and they are rated for cut, clarity, color and carat weight. A Certificate of Appraisal is included, which should be sent to your insurance company to establish the retail replacement value. 

 Our master jeweler Mike sets the diamond stud earrings right here in our Tulsa jewelry store. This means you can choose your setting. We offer settings in your choice of 14K white gold, 14K yellow gold, or platinum. It is up to your personal preference as to which metal you should choose. All of them are secure, durable and beautiful. 

 Margarita Stud Earrings

At close inspection, each Margarita Stud Earring has a circle of 15 diamonds, which surrounds the center diamond, but the best view is from afar, as it appears to be one large Diamond Stud Earring. Our Margarita Mountings make your Diamond Earrings look 300% Larger, for a fraction of the price.

Black Diamond Stud Earrings 

Our unique black diamond stud earrings bring the beauty of diamonds to a new fashion level. This most lustrous diamond reflects light better than any other black gemstone, making these very affordable earrings glisten with mysterious darkness.

 Earrings Designed for a Better Fit

Your diamond studs should fit flat against your ear, and the design of your setting can make the difference.
Our settings are handcrafted with attention to the details that make a better fit.

The secret to studs with a better fit is balance, The setting should be designed so the diamond sits as far back toward the post as possible. The three styles shown below may look similar, but they are each balanced differently, and this affects the way they fit.

Best Fit: Our 3-prong Martini style Settings

Our three-prong Martini-style settings afford the best fit. The diamonds are set low in the basket, to pull the center of gravity back toward the ear lobe. The three prong settings also afford a more elegant look, because there is less metal on the top and sides to obstruct the beauty of your diamond.

Good Fit: Our 4-prong Basket style Settings

Our four-prong Basket-style settings afford a good fit. The diamonds are set lower in the basket than most other basket-settings. This pulls the center of gravity back toward the ear lobe, so the diamond stays flat against the ear when worn.

Poor Fit: Crown style Setting

Spexton Fine Jewelry does not use this type of setting. Many jewelers use a crown-style setting for diamond studs. This style pushes the diamond too far forward in the setting and often results in a stud that looks droopy when worn.

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