Congratulations to our friends Ryan and Katelyn on their recent engagement in New Mexico!

We are truly honored to be a part of their love story. 

We here at Spexton Fine Jewelry made their completely custom engagement ring.

The ring itself has a great story behind it, as it incorporates some of Ryan's family heirloom diamonds, paired with a new marquise diamond from Spexton, and even some hidden blue sapphires.



 The center diamond is a beautiful marquise. The two side diamonds are the family heirloom diamonds. Even more diamonds run down the shank of the ring. The diamonds all complement each other beautifully.

You cannot see them in the photos, but there are even a couple of blue sapphires on the sides of the ring. Mixing in a few small gemstones with the diamonds is a great way to personalize the ring and add a little bit of color.

The happy couple got engaged in scenic New Mexico!

 We created the ring entirely custom. What does that custom jewelry process look like? This ring started with sketches that Ryan had brought in. From there, we created mock-ups on the computer.

As we were working on the design of the engagement ring setting, we brought in diamonds for Ryan to see. He chose a stunning marquise diamond, which is Katelyn's favorite diamond cut. 

Ryan brought in some of his family heirloom jewelry in the hopes that some of the diamonds could be incorporated into the ring. We determined that a couple of his diamonds complemented the marquise diamond wonderfully. The size and scale of his diamonds are a great match to go with the new marquise diamond. 

We were even able to incorporate two small blue sapphires on the sides of the ring, just underneath the marquise diamond.

 Once Ryan had settled on the design, we had the ring cast in 14K yellow gold. From there, we individually set each of the diamonds and the two sapphires by hand. We do all of our own setting, right here in our store on Cherry Street in Tulsa. Our master jeweler Mike has decades of experience in the jewelry profession and he does an impeccable job setting diamonds and gem stones.

 Do you have any gem stones that need to be reset? Bring them to the Spexon Fine Jewelry store on Cherry Street in Tulsa. We can reset gem stones for you, right here in our store.

This custom, one-of-a-kind engagement ring will be cherished forever.

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