Brushed Yellow Gold Mens Wedding Bands from Spexton Fine Jewelry

 At the Spexton Fine Jewelry store, we specialize in wedding bands and engagement rings for both men and women.

We have several mens wedding bands in our inventory and we can order several different styles. One of the most popular looks is our brushed yellow gold bands.

5mm 14K Yellow Gold Mens Wedding Band

Yellow gold is an excellent choice for a wedding band because it is durable, lightweight, strong, and resizeable.

Unlike wedding bands made from other materials, gold be sized either up or down. The reason for this is because gold is malleable. So, if you down the road, your gold wedding band is too tight, we can size it up. If your gold wedding band is too big, we can size it down. Resizing the gold wedding bands does not compromise the integrity of the ring. We have sized thousands of rings at our store on Cherry Street. 

We will make your ring in whatever finger size fits you best. We make rings in any and all sizes! Our friendly and informative staff will size you for just the perfect and most comfortable fit.

5mm 14K Yellow Gold Mens Wedding Band

If you are ordering a ring online, we recommend that you order our Ring Size Test Kit.

Qualify for a free size exchange and find the perfect size and width by ordering our custom 3 ring size test kit. 

Step 1: Visit a jeweler and get an initial idea of your ring size, or call us at 844-773-9866 for assistance determining your initial size. 

Step 2: Order your 3 test sizes/widths. We recommend of course choosing the size your jeweler recommended, and 1/2 size larger, and 1/2 size smaller so that you have a full size range to test. We make full, half, and quarter sizes from 5 to 15. For the width, most of the rings on our site are shown in 8mm wide, and we offer 6, 7, or 8mm widths.

Step 3: Once your test kit arrives, wear the rings for several days in a row all day just like you will your real ring. This will ensure you determine which size fits you the best most of the time. 

Step 4: Now that you know your size, come back to and place your order!

Why you should do it, like seriously: 

If you order and wear the test kit, and then order your ring but it doesn't fit you correctly, you can exchange your ring within 30 days of ownership for FREE. Note: You must order your ring in one of the exact sizes that you tested to qualify for a free size exchange. If none of your 3 test rings fit properly, please call us at 844-773-9866 and we will help you with the next steps before you place your ring order.

If you DON'T order the test kit and you need to exchange your ring for another size we charge between 35% and 50% of the original ring price to make you a new one. Ordering the kit will most likely save you $$$ because over 75% of customers who order the kit end up choosing a different size than their jeweler initially told them they needed. It is just that effective. 

When visiting a jeweler you're only getting a "snapshot" of your finger size at that moment in time. But as we know, our fingers can fluctuate dramatically during the course of the day depending on a variety of factors: food, alcohol, weather, mood, medications, climate--the list goes on!  

Our Test Size Kit allows you to determine the absolute best size and width for your finger before purchasing your special ring.

PRODUCTION & SHIPPING TIME: Each kit is made to order and will leave our studio 3-5 days after your order is placed. This kit then ships for FREE via USPS First Class Mail and takes 3-5 days to arrive once it leaves the studio. You should have your custom made kit within about 10 days of your purchase. 

 6mm 14K Yellow Gold Mens Wedding Band

 When you visit our jewelry store on Cherry Street, you will see examples of all the different widths of rings, from 2mm - 8mm. We see that most men choose a ring between 5mm - 8mm. We have examples of each of these widths that you can try on at our store. 

Your choice of width really comes down to comfort and personal preference. Some men like wearing a ring on the thinner side, 5mm or 6mm. They may find that having less width to the ring makes it fit more comfortably. Some men like a wider ring, 7mm or 8mm. This is especially true for men with larger hands and longer fingers.

 6mm 14K Yellow Gold Mens Wedding Band

 All of the photos shown here are 14K yellow gold rings. We also offer 18K yellow gold rings. The major difference is found in the color. 18K yellow gold has a rich, buttery yellow appearance. The reason being, it has a higher gold content. 14K is slightly harder. Either are good choices for a mens wedding band. If you like a more yellow appearance, you may want to choose 18K yellow gold.

 7mm 14K Yellow Gold Mens Wedding Band

In addition to 14K yellow gold and 18K yellow gold, we also offer rose gold or white gold. Whichever gold color you choose, they are all the same in terms of durability, strength, and the ability to be re-sized. The main differences are the color appearance and with white gold, the ring will need to be dipped in rhodium every couple of years to maintain its bright, white appearance.

 7mm 14K Yellow Gold Mens Wedding Band

Each of the rings you see pictured have a brushed finish. What is a brushed finish? A brushed finish gives the ring a matte look. It is obtained with a simple Scotch-brite pad. We will give you a tutorial on how to apply the brushed finish to your ring. It takes just 30 seconds. 

 The beauty of the brushed finish is that you can maintain it yourself, at home. We will give you a Scotch-Brite pad that you can use at home to re-apply the brushed finish, as needed. As you wear the ring, you will find that the ring will sort of polish itself by striking other metals such as car keys and doorknobs. This will make your ring appear shiny. Re-applying the brushed finish with your Scotch-Brite pad will give your ring the matte finish back. 

The brushed finish is not permanent. If you would ever want your ring to be shiny, you can bring it in to our jewelry store on Cherry Street in Tulsa and we will polish it for you. This will give the gold its traditional shiny, high polished look.

You can even switch back and forth between finishes. For example, if you grow tired of having the ring being brushed, you can bring it in and have us polish it to make it shiny. Then, if you grow tired of the polished look, you can revert back to the brushed finish.

This is the beauty of gold. It is malleable and can have either a matte or shiny finish.

 8mm 14K Yellow Gold Mens Wedding Band

 Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you. We have multiple examples of mens wedding bands in our jewelry store, located at 1609 E 15th Street.

Our store is in the same parking lot as STG Gelateria and Sweet Mia Nail Salon. Just West of us is Orangetheory Fitness, Taziki's and Roosevelts. Just East of us is Chipotle and Pinot's Palette. Directly across the street are Panera Bread, Tulsa Tattoo Co, Embellishments, and Andolini's Pizza.

 8mm 14K Yellow Gold Mens Wedding Band

Spexton Fine Jewelry specializes in wedding bands, engagement rings, custom jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry repair.

 We do all of jewelry repair in-house. We have a large selection of mens wedding bands for you to see. Drop by and give us a visit!


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