Spexton Titanium Rings - Handmade in the USA

 We make each of our Titanium Rings right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Titanium is a lightweight, durable and strong material most commonly used in airplane parts. It is ideal for jewelry because of its strength and durability. Our Spexton titanium rings are also lightweight and comfortable to wear. We even make each ring with a comfort fit interior, which means that the inside of the ring is domed so that the rings are comfortable to wear everyday.

Each of our rings is made by hand, right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by our artisans. This is one of the hallmarks that makes Spexton special. Real people are actually making your rings by hand. 

Every Spexton ring is handmade in the USA by Spexton founders Greg and Nate. Read on to very end of this blog to learn more about Nate and Greg.

Titanium rings can be sized up, up to one size larger. We do this by removing some of the interior of the rings. 

Titanium rings cannot be sized down. To get a smaller ring, we have to remake the ring altogether. This is why purchasing our Size Test Kit is extremely important. You will really want to make sure to get an accurate ring size. We highly recommend that you order a Size Test Kit before you order a titanium ring from spexton.com.


Titanium rings from Spexton can be worn as wedding bands or as fashion rings for any occasion. We can make the rings for any finger. 

 The photos you are seeing indicate the color of titanium. 

 6mm width and 8mm width are the standard widths of our rings. If you are trying to decide which width to choose, ask yourself if you like a wider or a more narrow look.

If your fingers are not very long, you may want to choose the smaller, 6mm wide ring. 

If you have long fingers and like the look of a wider ring, you may want to choose the 8mm width.

 You can choose a brushed finish or a polished finish. The brushed finish has more of a matte look, whereas the polished finish is shiny.

Titanium is hypoallergenic, very light in weight, shatterproof, and extremely durable. Slightly darker in hue than Stainless Steel, this modern metal has a sleek yet timeless appeal. Our included buffing pad makes at-home care quick and easy, keeping your ring looking fresh and new for a lifetime. 

If you live in the Tulsa area, you can come see several examples of our titanium rings at our store on Cherry Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Once you choose which style titanium ring you like best, we will begin the process of custom making your actual ring. 

Our titanium rings are available for purchase either online at spexton.com or in-person at our store on Cherry Street in Tulsa, Spexton Fine Jewelry.

Learn more about Nate and Greg, the founders of Spexton and the people who make each and every Spexton titanium ring, by reading their statement here:

Jewelry is a very sacred thing for so many people. Being able to create the symbol for someone's memories, or life event, or self-expression - that is the true joy of what we do.

In 2003, after spending about a year living in Germany, I returned to my hometown of Tulsa and was culture shocked, depressed, and sick of college (where I'd been wasting my life for 6 years).

I had been home for about 2 weeks when I met Greg, who had been a truck driver for the past 12 years, and something just clicked between us. After a few months, Greg and I opened a men's designer clothing & accessory store inspired by boutiques I visited while living in Germany.

The store, Underguy, happened to be in a mixed facility that housed a small machine shop which produced steel parts for the oil and gas industry.

Having spent the last 12 years as an over-the-road truck driver, Greg's familiarity with machinery and knowledge of tools gave him an idea! I had purchased a steel ring a few days before moving back to the States. Using that ring as a guide, Greg purchased a small manual lathe and used scraps from the machine shop next door to create the very first pieces of jewelry. And so Spexton was born.

The 'Spexton' label was actually the formal name of our company long before we ever had the desire to create jewelry. We liked the way it sounded, and it was completely unique to us, so it just seemed to work very well. The moment Greg made his first bracelet, we knew immediately what the definition and future of 'Spexton' would become! Since then we have had a blast making thousands of wedding bands, creating jewelry worn by dozens of crazy-huge celebrities (Sir Elton John, Britney Spears, Jamie Foxx, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber, to name a few), having our jewelry in NY Fashion Week, being voted one of the coolest jewelry stores in the country, and who knows what is next! Spexton is artist-direct, made-to-order jewelry. We are confident when we say that Spexton is the world's finest stainless steel and titanium jewelry collection, as we have yet to see anything better (and we strive to keep it that way!).

At Spexton, we believe that if you only purchase one thing in your life that is custom made by the focused hands of an artist, it should be your wedding band. We are humbled every day to have the opportunity to create our special pieces for our amazing customers, and look forward to working with you, too!




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