Spexton Jewelry located at The Boxyard in Downtown Tulsa

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Open Mon-Sat 11-6, Sun 12-5 at 502 E 3rd Street.

Tulsa's custom wedding ring and jewelry store now has a location at The Boxyard in downtown's East End Village. Founded in 2003 just a few blocks down the street where Hodges Bend is today, Spexton Boxyard is the 3rd store in town for owners Greg & Nate. 

Bangles and Necklaces at Spexton Boxyard, a downtown Tulsa jewelry store located inside a shipping container

"After such great support from the community of our new sister store, Landella, we knew that we wanted to reserve the last available retail space at The Boxyard for a new Spexton concept. Greg and I built the store completely by ourselves over the summer, and now I'm making all the jewelry to fill up the cases with. I love working on bigger projects with Greg and we've done several stores together at this point, but I especially like Spexton Boxyard--it is my favorite space we've ever occupied," explains Nate.

Interior of Spexton Boxyard, a Tulsa jewelry store located in a downtown shopping center made of shipping containers

"I wanted to create a space where I could work and sell, and so half of the store is display, and the other half my workshop with my laser, polishing wheel, workbench, mill, computer, engraver, etc. It is a fun place for customers to see the creative process right at work." 

Necklaces and rings on display inside Spexton Boxyard, a downtown Tulsa Jewelry Store known for custom made wedding rings

While Spexton Fine Jewelry on Cherry Street offers diamonds, engagement rings, repair, and appraisal services, Spexton Boxyard will focus on classic Spexton wedding band and jewelry designs made by Nate and Greg. "We built the store to have lots of space to showcase jewelry. Even though it is only 320 square feet, our drawers allow us to have 70 feet of display--more than any of our previous stores. As I design each new necklace, bracelet, or ring, I'll fill up all the drawers. Each time you come in there will be new treasures to discover," says Nate. "This small size of this space allows me to be very efficient--I can create a new design, photograph it, add it to the website, and then display it in the store for purchase. I love working this way," he adds. 


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Nickelback gets Spexton Cuffs!

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Black Eyed Peas Get Spexton!

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Britney In Spexton

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Retro Estate Jewelry Now In-Store

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I've recently started re-viewing one of the TV show's I grew up watching: Moonlighting.  It is a lot more cheesy than I remember but I was like 8 years old so what can you do.  I'd forgotten how beautiful Cybill Shepherd was, and Bruce just got better with age.  Here's a great clip from the show, and some of the fantastic designer estate pieces that we now have in stock.  These retro and 80's inspired styles are just as stunning now as when detective Maddie Hayes rocked similar looks in the decade of decadence.  For those of you who loved the series, check out the fan site:

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Spextonbeads Available Now

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We've searched for the highest quality solid sterling Swarovski Elements crystal beads to pair with our new stainless bead and pillow desings--and we found it!  These UltraFX Xilion cut Swarovski crystal beads feature a solid sterling core and superior craftsmanship in a dizzying array of colors (45 in total). They can be worn on a variety of our necklaces, and pair perfectly with our sterling silver Element Chain. $45 each gets you the most glitter for your gold.  Available for quick order/delivery in the store and online.

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Crow BFW Watches In Stock Now!

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Crow "BFW" Watches are now in stock, just $55.  Available in 7 different colors, you can collect them all and change out the faces for up to 49 fun possibilities!  Lightweight silicone, water resistant, modern face with unique dial.    In Store now!


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