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Custom Designed Silver/Gold Cuff Bracelet and Titanium/Gold Link Chain

Posted on November 13, 2014 by Nathan McPherson

Some of my most worn and favorite designs recently have been very simple, basic pieces that I forget I'm even wearing and never take them off, even falling asleep in them. 

I love this titanium and gold chain because it looks interesting with just T-shirts, which makes picking out clothes simpler--even white tees, I mean especially white tees--look cool with it.  Never obnoxious. 

It is a 27" continuous chain that has a 3" solid gold segment.  The gold portion naturally finds its way to the bottom center since it outweighs the titanium, giving it the ability to auto-position itself most of the time.

This slim solid gold cuff has a great feel as it is thin enough to not be noticeable on the wrist.  The empty hue of the 14K yellow gold paired with the sanded finish make it feel reserved but nonetheless indulgent.  I've been wearing it next to other bracelets and it pairs well with our steel locking bangles like this one. 

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Custom Sterling Silver and Gold Heavy Squared Cuff Bracelet

Posted on September 12, 2014 by Nathan McPherson

I wanted to wear something new for an upcoming trip to Chicago and so I worked with our bench jeweler Mike to design a beefy, heavy solid silver cuff bracelet. 

The cool thing about this cuff is that it can be worn facing in or out on the wrist, as we accented the angled ends with a thick panel of yellow gold for a hit of color. 

These are sweet bracelets and look good on any gender.  Stop by the Spexton store to get sized, or contact us and we'll walk you through the wrist-measuring steps if you're an online customer. 

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