Dreaming of the Perfect Stud

Posted on November 22, 2013 by Nathan McPherson

The perfect stud should be strong, attractive, reliable, and should never make you break out into an itchy rash.  

I'm talking about stud earrings, of course.

Over the years our customers have literally begged us to make earrings.  I tried it, and I cringed.  I'm not a fan of ear wires, and that is all we could use at the time. They just didn't have that classic, refined Spexton look that I demand. This holiday season, however, I'm thrilled that our new collection of stud earrings is rolling out of the Spexton machine shop.

Handmade of titanium and steel and featuring a variety of unique finishes, you can customize them with your desired diamond size and color.  And those of us who suffer from metal allergies can rejoice in the fact there is finally an elegant option in hypoallergenic earrings.

Pricing for the studs that feature diamond and gold inlays start at just $199 so if those are your nice list are hoping for a Made-On-Cherry Street Christmas, then Spexton should be your first stop, but you better hurry because if I get enough eggnog in me I might just muster up the guts to pierce my ears too because these are cool enough for good girls AND boys. 

-Nate, Spexton Founder

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